Daniel Pans

Group CEO

Daniel Pans is the founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of DPO International, a specialised food distribution company in the Asian region. In the business for over 20 years, DPO International takes great pride in their ability and experience to “Connect Local Markets to Global Food Innovations”.

Daniel’s consistency for strong leadership in cross cultural businesses goes way back to his schooling days when he used to volunteer at his father’s fruit-orchards in Haspengouw, Belgium. Being a skilful communicator (with the ability to converse in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish), Daniel often had to communicate with over 150 fruit-harvesters of multi-ethnic origin. Always an enterprising individual, Daniel also made a considerable amount of money from a student guide published during his university years. By the time he graduated from the University of Antwerp with a Masters Degree in Applied Economic Sciences, Daniel had enough capital in hand to begin a plan for his new business. Daniel moved to Japan in 1993, where he secured a consultancy contract from three Belgian companies: de TienseSuikerrafinaderij (Tienen Sugar), the Belgian Pork Meat Association and NoordNatie, a stevedoring company from Antwerp, now owned by the Port of Singapore Authority. It was the starting point of DPO International.

从“个人”营销咨询和提供gent for European food manufacturers, today, DPO International operates a strategic network over 20 sales & distribution centres across 10 countries in Asia. DPO International is active throughout the full length of the value-chain, from buying and shipping, to selling, storing, marketing (including online marketing and ecommerce), blending and repacking, distributing, formulating and handling regulatory affairs. It operates four different sales divisions to ensure multi-channel coverage in the food industry. This means being active in six different storage conditions (from frozen to chilled to dry), managing 14 different currencies, employing 11 different nationalities and handling more than 10,000 SKU’s, brought in via over 50 different sea-ports.

Always encouraging economic growth, Daniel has been actively involved in networking and developing close ties with the local and international business community since his appointment as “Advisor to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Trade” in 2008. He is currently the President, and driving force behind the Malaysia-Belgium-Luxembourg Business Council (MBLBC) as well as the Director of the EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI). Through these platforms, Daniel developed the framework of the EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety, now in its 4th year running, which has become a flagship platform for the EU and ASEAN communities in the public and private sector to discuss regulatory challenges and opportunities for the unification of standards in food safety throughout the region.

A strong advocate of educational initiatives that offer mentor support between businesses and students, Daniel speaks regularly at local colleges and hosts international student visits to the office headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is also the inspiration behind the Young Malaysians Go Classic (YMGC), a CSR initiative that provides opportunities for young talented Malaysians to display their artistic acumen on an international stage.

A family man, Daniel is married to his high-school sweetheart Isabelle, and has 4 children.


Harry Chong

Group Chief Financial Officer

Harry Chong graduated from one of UK’s most renowned higher institutions, majoring in Management Accountancy in UK Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy (CIMA). A specialist with diverse industry exposure spanning from manufacturing services, hotel development & management, advertising, software houses to value-added distribution, Harry has over 20 years of working experience that covers financial management, accounting, tax planning & compliance, corporate management and ERP System implementation.

He started his career in an American owned electronic manufacturing services company based in Singapore and subsequently moved back to Malaysia to pursue a career in auditing to obtain a bird eye’s view of various business processes and to gain a vast exposure in accounting. His aim; to venture into Management Accountancy within an international group of companies. Right before joining DPO, Harry was with a Dutch multi-national ERP company for seven years as a Regional Financial Controller which required intensive travelling across Asia and Europe. On top of all the usual challenges and responsibilities required of a Controller, incorporating new legal entities, implementing an ERP system within the region and problem-solving in his area of professionalism are his forte.

He joined DPO in 2005 as the General Manager for Finance and Legal Division. He then successfully implemented a single ERP platform for DPO’s Group of Companies, restructured, reinvented and introduced a wide span of best practices in relation to Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Management and ERP implementation. Over the years, he has built, trained and grown a team of finance and accounting specialists to handle and support the core operations within the Group. In 2008 and 2010, the Legal and Credit Control units were set up under the wing of the Finance & Legal division respectively.
In 2012, he was promoted to Group Finance Director and in 2016, Harry was promoted to Group Chief Financial Officer for DPO’s Group of Companies. Currently he leads a team of accountancy and legal professionals in all the countries where DPO operates and is also taking charge of DPO’s Human Resource Division.

Harry’s present and continuous goal is to pursue towards bringing DPO’s structure, platform and resources to a higher level which will allow and sustain the company forward for continuous growth within an ever-challenging and volatile environment.


A food technologist who graduated with honours from the Agriculture Institute in Bogor, Indonesia, Inneke started her professional career in the Food Industry as a Research and Development employee at a well established Indonesian F&B company called the Orang Tua Group. It was here that she first gained experience in the food industry, working on food formulation and factory production management.

In 1997, Inneke worked for PT. Indokemika Jayatama (part of the Salim Chemical Group) as their New Product Development Executive. For about four years, Inneke managed the company’s overseas suppliers and customers.

In early January 2001, Inneke made the pivotal decision in her career, accepting the challenge and great responsibility of setting up a DPO office in Indonesia. The goal was to focus on food ingredients distribution, serving customers and developing the market in Indonesia. Inneke’s leap of faith paid off. From a starting position as a Sales Manager, she went on to become the Country Manager of Indonesia. Next, she was then promoted to Regional Sales Manager and later on, as General Manager for the Food Ingredients distribution in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Currently, as DPO’s Group Commercial Director, Inneke manages 30 sales teams in 6 different countries and works closely with over 20 different suppliers from Europe, Australia, India, China, Spain and more.


Inneke F.Tjakradidjaja

Group Chief Commercial Officer

Arnaud Ronse De Craene

Group Chief Technology Officer

Growing up with a fascination for problem-solving, it was only natural for Arnaud to pursue his interest in mechatronics engineering at the Free University of Brussels Belgium and graduating with a Master’s Degree in Electromechanical Engineering. He also obtained a Master of Management from the University of Sydney, Australia.

Launching his career in Belgium as a process engineer with Bosch, Arnaud was tasked with increasing the OEE (Operating Equipment Efficiency) of old assembly lines and subsequently led a team of design engineers, expert suppliers, programmers, and technicians to provide solutions and meet the objectives. Seeking an opportunity to work abroad, he then moved to Malaysia to and took up the mantle of country manager for BKS Sdn. Bhd., a Belgian company specializing in consulting, trading and servicing of industrial blades.

In 2019, Arnaud joined DPO International as the Regional ICT Manager. Having a vast experience in an industrial environment of highly automated assembly lines and management of all business aspects, Arnaud currently leads and coordinates all ICT-related projects within DPO International in areas such as ICT Infrastructure, hardware and software development and business intelligence.

Together with his team, he is actively involved in developing the company’s very own eCommerce grocery platform, BIGbox ASIA, and integrating it with the rest of the in-house softwares such as the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) for automation.

In 2022, Arnaud was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DPO International. Throughout his career journey, Arnaud has always been a great team player and leader. He believes that being part of a motivated team is key to achieve innovative solutions for a successful business.